Official Trailer

First up is the trailer of the YA adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars written by John Green.  The book is funny, sad and deeply poignant and I'm glad the trailer reflects that tone in it.  Directed by Josh Boone, a relative newcomer, the cast features Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Laura Dern, Sam Trammell and Willem Dafoe.  Woodley actually cut her long hair to play the part of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenager stricken with cancer who falls in love for the first time.  And yes, while that does sound depressing, the characters in the book/film are anything but.  This is definitely on my list of films to catch up with this year. The Fault in Our Stars releases June 2014.

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- These are challenging time, so I don't have a lot of budget, how can i send my newsletter?
- You can send it with Outlook by yourself.
- Yes but I need analytics to be sure I am improving my results.
- It s possible, you can have the number of visits, the time spent on ne newsletter and the number of click on the news, also the number of shares on social networks.

- But I want a real campaign, I don't want to use Oulook.
- We can mount your email in a mass mailing system in few minutes, this will give you the number of mail received, opened, and clicked

Technicolor and MPC are in Quebec so we need french

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